New Island Remodeling Gallery

Welcome to New Island Remodeling's Photo Gallery! We would like to share our product line with you. If you are interested, we could implement an array of stylistic choices to your home. After completion, you will not recognize your own residence! Let our highly trained staff help you through the remodeling process. We, at New Island Remodeling, believe that your satisfaction is our number one goal. Your happiness grows our company!
Our crafted carpenters can add closet space to almost any area! We can transform a boring window situation into an area that contains a serene view with generous flanking closet space. The airy look of the window surrounded by two new closets will accentuate your living space! The eye follows the new look eye along the entire wall. We will create a look that accentuates your needs. For more information, please contact one of our seasoned carpenters.

Reach the second floor of your house with ease! Our trained professionals will install a flight of stairs on the outside of your residence that accentuates the look of your home while providing an absolute necessity. The second-floor door will no longer be a nagging eyesore because the outside stair will gracefully reach the exterior door. As an added bonus, you may no longer worry about falling over a misplaced step! The outside stair reaches its destination while providing a notable safety factor. For more information, please contact one of our seasoned contractors.

Replace your tired looking back stair with ease and peace of mind! Let our talented carpenters work their magic with your current stair malfunction. After completion, your back stair will be functional, yet attractive. It will serve a purpose while adding value to your home. In effect, a horrid, overgrown back stair will be replaced with a sightly, usable, newer model. Never feel back stair shame again! For more information, please contact one of our seasoned carpenters.

Gain an outside deck! The practical, usable outside deck could add value and stability to your home. It has a purposeful function of gaining entry to the back of your residence while placing a beautiful statement to your home. Its graceful sway reaches the back of your home with ease and places a grand look upon your residence. For more information, please contact our seasoned contractors.